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Organic Rajma Red (Red Kidney Beans)


About Vedica Organics

We established Vedica Organics as a family business to connect organic farmers in India to international consumers seeking high quality organic products. The word “Vedica” means “ancient” and refers to the ancient methods of organic and additive free farming that our suppliers have used for hundreds of years. We believe in sourcing from small farm-holdings and most of the products that we formulate have been part of traditional Indian food, farming practices, and heritage for ages.

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July 28, 2016

Ever imagined how would your favourite food taste without chilli /pepper?? Did you know the spices so common these days were once a much prized... Read More

Organic Finger Millet (Ragi) Panwich

May 10, 2016

Ragi (aka Finger Millet), is widely grown as a cereal in the arid areas of Africa and Asia. Originated in East Africa, has been found in an Indian archaeological site... Read More

Fitness: The Hidden Secret

April 20, 2016

  To be healthy is incomplete without focusing on body, soul and mind. To keep body healthy there are various options, through exercises, practices, and... Read More

Organic Wheat Dalia (Porridge)

March 25, 2016

Wondering about healthy and easy Baby Food!!   Your baby is your entire world and when it is time to start solid foods for them,... Read More

Our Organic Products

By providing an international marketplace for our farmers’ products we seek to ensure that this tradition of organic farming remains a sustainable option and that we can deliver high quality, all natural and contaminant-free food to our consumers at an affordable price. Our USDA certified organic products include: Rice, Stone-milled Flour, Classic Indian Dals, Chutneys, Prepared Indian Classics, Spices and Teas.

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