Why Choose Organic Spices?

April 22, 2015


Organic Spices  

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Why Choose Organic Spices?

While the stance on using organically grown produce and meats is widespread and relatively clear, there is still some indecision surrounding the use of organic spices. However, when we take a closer look at the number of spices that are used in everyday cooking, there should remain no doubt as to why these flavor enhancers should not be derived from organic sources as well.

When traditionally grown spices, whether ground or whole are consumed, to be used in cooking, sprinkled on dishes, rubbed for marinating, or any other cooking procedure, they also carry the threat of tainting food with their accompanying chemical components. Here it becomes highly questionable if these spices are actually more beneficial or harmful to use in cooking.

For starters, traditionally grown spices, like their produce counterparts, are exposed to fumigation by hazardous chemicals that are highly destructive to the ecosystems where they are grown. The process unequivocally involves treatment with pesticides, fungicides, herbicides and insecticides. In fact, the harsher the treatment, the more residue will be found in the finished product.

On the other hand, organically grown spices use ecological farming techniques by preventing or at least limiting contamination through this means. It is a given that all food that is grown needs to go through certain sanitation steps that will eradicate invasive contaminants. For conventionally grown spices, the accepted method is to use irradiation to kill contaminants without altering the taste and appearance of food. While the process does help in preserving the food, it can also generate carcinogenic by-products.

A safer and hazard free alternative is used when treating organic spices where companies sterilize their product with steam heat instead. This method is in compliance with organic standards where saturated steam is used under high pressure to kill microorganisms but without bruising the plant itself. The best part is that all this is accomplished without using any hazardous toxins.

As a result, organically grown spices do not contain any fillers, flavors or preservatives that may otherwise be detected in conventional spices; the use of these fillers and other additives becomes necessary as some of the flavor may have been lost during the manufacturing process. But since organically grown spices endure neither irradiation nor any other processed treatment, the finished product is free of any genetic modifications.

So with an increasing appetite for foreign and ethnic cuisines, spice consumers are turning to better options for purchasing organically grown spices and spice blends. There are a variety of brands that now service these products from grocery stores as well as from online sources. To get the best quality organic spices, especially catering to Indian cuisine enthusiasts, check out a variety of products at http://www.vedicaorganics.com/

Remember that spices are used to enhance a dish’s flavor, texture, color and aroma without compromising on any of its nutritional benefits. So to make your culinary favorites more delightful and interesting, opt for organically grown spices that will not only promote taste but also add to a meal’s wholesome value.

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