Traditional Indian Spices for Detox

April 22, 2015


Indian Spices  

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Traditional Indian Spices for Detox

Certain spices and herbs have long been used for their medicinal properties both by Ayurvedic as well as Chinese apothecaries. Medicinal uses can range from treating internal and external wounds, preventing and curing ailments along with the purpose of detoxifying the body. Many of these Ayurvedic spices are also an integral part of an Indian kitchen and can be used to remove toxins from the body.
  • Turmeric: Turmeric is known to be a potent liver cleansing spice. Incorporating it into regular nutrition can assist with supporting and detoxifying the liver. Turmeric is also known to possess anti-inflammatory characteristics that can boost the immune system. An easy and convenient way to include turmeric into the diet is by making turmeric tea, an infusion that is slightly spicy yet sweet and a delicious way to heal, cleanse and detoxify the liver and body.
  • Cinnamon Another common spice of Indian cooking, cinnamon bark may be used whole or purchased in powdered form. It is also a suitable candidate to cleanse the body of impurities as well as rejuvenate it. Like turmeric, cinnamon can also be infused into a tea and mixed with honey and water to cater detoxifying results.
  • Ginge: Ginger is believed to act as a detox by stimulating digestion, circulation and interestingly enough, sweating. Its impact on digestion helps prevent the buildup of toxins and boosts cleansing of the liver, colon and other organs. Along with improving digestion, and stimulating blood circulation, ginger also boasts a number of anti-inflammatory properties. Once again ginger may be infused into tea or it may be added to food during the cooking process. Fresh ginger may also be juiced with other fruits and vegetables to give an extra kick to freshly squeezed juices.
  • Cumin The antiseptic qualities of cumin are well known in Ayurveda and recognizes this spice to possess various anti-inflammatory features. Cumin is a common ingredient in both savory and sweet Indian dishes and can also be steeped to make a detox tea. Cumin can help cleanse the body by boosting metabolism and stimulating the release of digestive enzymes that assist in breaking down food. At the same time, it can also help the liver in eliminating toxins from the body.
  • Garlic: Garlic is known for cleansing the respiratory system, preventing heart diseases and purifying the blood. Collectively this gives garlic impressive detox qualities to purge the body of toxins and maintain a healthy immune system.
  • Cayenne: A favorite in any Indian kitchen, cayenne is ideal for improving digestion, reducing bloating and increasing blood circulation. But since this hot spice is hard to have on its own, it is typically paired with others like lemon and honey to yield a detox beverage.
And while all the mentioned ingredients are naturally sourced, an unsuitable detox does hold the potential of robbing the body of vital nutrients. An improper detox may also slow down metabolism and trigger unpleasant side effects like dehydration, nausea, fatigue and occasionally cause damage to the colon. So it is advisable to consult with a medical professional before following any detox program.

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