How can Yoga help with Weight Loss

April 14, 2015


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How can Yoga help with Weight Loss?

The formula for effective weight loss centres on the equation where an individual’s calorie intake is less than their caloric expenditure. What this basically means is that you will need to burn off more calories than you are eating so that excess weight may not only be lost but also kept off.

When yoga is thrown into the mix, an effort to lose weight while minding what you eat can deliver promising results. But for many people yoga signifies soft, gentle moves that often flow into a sequence of series and individuals need to mind their breath. However, there is a side of yoga which is more than a mind-body exercise and can help hopefuls shed some weight off.

In these types of yoga programs the physical aspect of the workout is emphasized upon more. For instance yoga styles like Ashtanga yoga, Vinyasa yoga and Power yoga are some examples where yoga takes on a more vigorous form delivering prolonged sessions of cardiovascular workouts that are paired with core work, strength moves as well as balance postures.

Ashtanga yoga follows a fast paced series of moves that are synchronised with breathing and deliver an intense training workout. Likewise, Vinyaysa yoga is also a type of yoga where many of the moves are body weight exercises that raise the heart rate and can be effective in losing weight. And while both Ashtanga and Vinyasa yoga are both traditional styles, Power yoga is somewhat their more modern counterpart. This type of yoga is more sought after in gyms and health clubs where health buffs enjoy working out with more intensive moves.

And while these yoga styles can provide enough stimulus to elevate the heart rate and burn calories, yet it is yoga’s mindfulness that can truly help people lose weight for a long term. It is known that yoga is a practice which brings the mind, body and spirit together. The yogi learns how to take care of their body while regulating their mind and this shift in perspective allows them to see food from a different angle.

Instead of focusing on what and how much they eat, the yogi learns to identify foods which are good for the body, the triggers of overeating, as well as the reasons for poor nutritional habits. When he is able to identify the causes for eating the wrong way or for the wrong reasons, he can then better remediate his stance towards food. By becoming more aware it becomes easier for the yogi to identify true hunger signals from false ones and make better choices in what kind of foods to eat to improve their overall wellbeing.

It is well worth mentioning that weight loss should never be the only goal when pursuing yoga practice. Instead the will to lose weight should be accompanied by becoming better aware of the triggers that generate weight gain in the first place. Instead of regulating the food intake, yoga aims at disciplining the attitude towards food and creating awareness about when to stopping eating.

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