Arhal Dal | Health Benefits

July 02, 2014


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About Vedica Organics

We established Vedica Organics LLC as a family business to connect organic farmers in India to international consumers seeking high quality organic products.

Eating a vegan diet, whether for dietary or spiritual choices, becomes an adventure for most who choose to follow such a path. The journey often surprises those who decide to eat a plant-based diet, as they find that foods to fit their dietary regimen, especially prepared with a variety of spices, can take on amazing new levels of pleasure.

As you continue to expand your personal menu, consider adding lentils as a regular part of your repertoire. These delightful tiny beans often make appearances in Indian foods, as well as Mediterranean dishes from Lebanon like Mujudarra.

Once you buy the right spices, you can buy lentils online to make your dishes. You will enjoy many health benefits as you explore all the recipes that your lentils and spices yield for you. All the while, you will stay true to your vegan diet while feeling full and delighting your taste buds.

Arhal Dal cooks quickly, is versatile and is simply always a good idea to keep on hand in your pantry. Also known as toor dal or red gram, it is yellow in color and sometimes comes split and skinned, relieved of its tan jacket, for easy preparation. With the right spices, a portion of rice and some vegetables on the side, you will have a quick, simple and delicious dish.

You probably already understand that Arhal Dal is teeming with health benefits, but here is a breakdown of some of the most important ways you can maintain or improve your health by eating these delicious pigeon peas.

  • Like most beans, Arhal Dal is rich in protein, thus relieving concern about this macronutrient as you remove animal products from your diet.
  • You can keep up with your potassium, magnesium and phosphorous intake for heart health by consuming Arhal Dal.
  • Arhal Dal is considered a perfect lentil due to its digestion relief-inducing properties.
  • These tiny beans pack a punch with fiber for slow-burning energy that helps keep blood sugar levels in check.
  • The high fiber content also creates satiety, leaving you less prone to snack and perhaps better able to reduce or maintain your weight.

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