Why Eat Organic? 10 Reasons to Eat Organically

July 02, 2014


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About Vedica Organics

We established Vedica Organics LLC as a family business to connect organic farmers in India to international consumers seeking high quality organic products.

Organic foods are good for you, but why? Why should you be reaching out for these foods instead of just anything?

  1. Studies show that organic foods have more nutrients in them than other foods, including higher levels of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.
  2. They encourage growth development in your child's brain and body. Growing bodies are far more susceptible to toxins, making it essential to feed your children organic.
  3. They don't have neurotoxins in them. These toxins are specifically dangerous because they damage the nerve cells and the brain.
  4. Improved taste is another added benefit when you buy foods that are organic. Who doesn't want foods that taste better?
  5. Buying organic food also means that the water supply remains clean and less contaminated with pesticides. These are toxins in the water about half of all Americans drink.
  6. Organic foods are known to promote a healthy gut, which means you'll have less inflammation present throughout your body as a result of making the switch. That's due to the lack of pesticides in your diet.
  7. Organic food is also earth-supportive. That is, it encourages a sustainable production of food rather than big-business, modern agricultural processes that are destructive to the environment.
  8. You're helping to promote the family farm, where many of these nutrient-rich foods come from.
  9. It ripens naturally. Other products are often gas-ripened, which can be harmful to your health in itself.
  10. Organic food is tried and true. It's how the world's humans have always lived and lived healthy.

Whether you decide to buy spices online from an organic supplier or shop your local farmer's market, the goal here is the same. Buy organic to protect your health and to protect the future of the planet. In all cases, organics are the best possible option.

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