The Lotus Flower: The National Flower of India

July 02, 2014


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We are constantly astounded by the pure beauty of the lotus flower. We often see the lotus flower blooming in murky ponds as it rises from the depths to create a spot of living pureness on the cloudy water's surface. Considered the national flower of India, it isn't any wonder why this flower captivates us.

In the Hinduism and Buddhism religions, the lotus flower holds several meanings and symbolisms. Since the lotus flower grows from muddy water, it illustrates the human spirit growing up from the murk to reach enlightenment. A second meaning to the lotus flower also involves purity. Since the lotus flower is clean and beautiful as it emerges from the water, the flower resembles the purification and faithfulness of the spirit being born from the murkiness surrounding it as the person works at being faithful so that the mind and spirit are pure and enlightened.

The different colors of the lotus flower also have different symbolisms. White lotus flowers symbolize the purity of the mind and spirit. The blue lotus flower symbolizes the wisdom needed to obtain enlightenment while the red lotus flower symbolizes love and compassion.

In addition to the lotus flower itself holding a meaning to the people of India, the mud that the lotus flower grows from also has a special symbolism. The mud shows that we are all born into a world that has suffering. We must rise above the evil and pain in the world, like the lotus flower, as our enlightenment blooms like the petals on the flower.

There are numerous ways that we can obtain our enlightenment as it begins by purifying the body, mind and spirit. You can help the body find purity and be beautiful by eating healthy organic foods. Once the body is pure, we have an easier time reaching enlightenment for the mind and spirit.

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