July 28, 2016


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About Vedica Organics

We established Vedica Organics LLC as a family business to connect organic farmers in India to international consumers seeking high quality organic products.

story of spice

Ever imagined how would your favourite food taste without chilli /pepper??

Did you know the spices so common these days were once a much prized good and often used as commodity money for commerce!

Black pepper is referred to as “king of spices” or “black gold” and Cardamom as the “queen of spices”, which happens to rank 3rd in the list of highly expensive of spices, even today. Isn’t that fascinating?

Spice’s origination dates back to as old as 1000 BC where medical systems based upon herbs could be found in China, Korea, and India. Early uses were connected with magic, medicine, religion, tradition and preservation.


What is a Spice?

Spice, basically is a seed, fruit, root, bark, berry, bud or vegetable substance primarily used for flavouring, colouring or preserving food.

Spice trade developed throughout South Asia and Middle East in around 2000 BC with cinnamon and pepper, and in East Asia with herbs and pepper. It established and destroyed empires, led to the discovery of new continents, and in many ways helped lay the foundation for the modern world.

Spices were amongst the most demanded and expensive products available in Europe in the Middle Ages, the most common being black pepper, cumin, nutmeg, ginger and cloves. Back then, they were all imported from plantations in Asia and Africa, which made them expensive.

Many spices have antimicrobial properties. This may explain why it is more commonly used in warmer climates, which have more infectious disease, and why the use of spices is prominent in meat, which is particularly susceptible to spoiling. Spices are sometimes used in medicine, religious rituals, cosmetics or perfume production, or as a vegetable.

Ayurveda, one of the oldest forms of medicines, uses different herbs and spices to treat plethora of health issues, ranging from simple to complex.

When it comes to international platform today, India contributes 75% of global spice production. (Source: UN Food & Agriculture Organization)

United States began its entry into the world spice industry in the 18th century, when American businessmen began their own spice companies and started dealing directly with Asian growers rather than the established European companies.

Today Global travel, immigration and more adventurous palates are increasing the interest in spicy foods.

There are innumerable and scientifically proven benefits of spices.

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Spices, native mostly to tropical regions, harbor valuable genes for resistance against biotic and abiotic stresses thereby bringing in the invaluable goodness. One cannot reconstruct the natural occurrence of spice plants in all cases. Hence, at Vedica Organics, we ensure that the spices, purely organic in nature, are traded right from their place of origin to your doorstep at a highly competitive price.

Spice up your life with our varied spice products that makes your everyday cooking tastier and healthier. Vedica promotes organic products and some of our spices are top selling in the market.

For details on the list of Spices, Vedica Organics offer, click here.

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