Ragi malt

Ragi is low in fat and is highly compatible with oats. It is one of the most nutritious food, is easy to digest. Ragi is best for weight loss. Here’s the very simple yet healthy recipe with Ragi.

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Time: 15 Mins







Ragi Flour

1/2 Cup

Main Ingredient



1 Cup

Main Ingredient


Maple Syrup

3 Spoonful

Main Ingredient

Jaggery/Brown Sugar

Almond/Soy Milk

1/4 Cup



Cardamom Powder

1 Table Spoon





  • Take the Ragi flour in a cup and add small amounts of water slowly and mix them to get a smooth liquid solution.
    • Hint 3: If you prefer you can also consider adding small amounts of flour on to heating water accompanied with continuous stirring. Key again is to focus on smooth easy paste. Employ the method that best suits you.
  • Once the Ragi paste is ready keep it aside and start heating a glass of water in a different vessel.
  • If you are not allergic you can also use suitable amount of milk instead of a water to enhance the taste.
  • The water/milk mixture must be heated till it starts to boil.
  • Now slowly add already prepared Ragi flour solution to boiling water/milk mixture accompanied with continuous stirring.
  • Add a pinch of cardamom powder followed by suitable amount of brown sugar or jaggery depending on your comfort.
  • Now heat must be reduced to low-medium and simmer the content for 4-5 minutes with periodic stirring.
  • Turn off the stove after this.
    • Hint 4: Folks with electric heater/stove might have to amend the heat reduce/alter timings mentioned here as they tend to react slowly to changes you make and could ruin your drink.
  • Let the drink cool down to your needs and hurray! the drink is ready to be served.


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Wondering about healthy and easy Baby Food!!


Your baby is your entire world and when it is time to start solid foods for them, you will always want the best organic healthy meal for your baby.


While there are various options available in the market that is ready to eat or ready to cook baby foods However, the nutrients, protein values that home cooked meal brings, none of the other packaged food can match. Vedica Organics bring you a recipe of one such age old best baby food that you can easily prepare at home.


Wheat Porridge is a classic favourite amongst parents as their first solid food that they provide for their babies and can be given to babies or infants (Preferably above 7 months, after consulting your doctor).


Making your own baby food does not only help you think more about what you're feeding your child, but one can as well customize the recipe by having fruits or vegetables of your choice as purees thus increasing its nutritional value. Not just that, it naturally seems to pave the way for making healthier meals, even as your baby gets older.


Organic Wheat Dalia (Wheat Porridge), is a good, first food for babies. In addition to its many nutritious qualities, it’s an organic product and it is very easy to digest due to its organic properties as organic food is farmed without using any harmful chemicals and pesticides that are used in intensively farmed foods. And factually, Organic food is considered to have more flavour. What more reasons to go organic with your baby!

So watch your baby enjoy and experience new flavours, combination and appealing texture with Organic Wheat Dalia (Porridge).

So, let’s get you started in the kitchen for a quick wheat porridge recipe!


Organic Wheat Dalia (Porridge)


  • 2 tablespoon Organic Broken Wheat (Dalia)
  • Water
  • 1 cup Banana/Apple puree
  • ½ teaspoon Roasted Almond Powder


Preparation Time

Cooking Time

Total Time

5 mins

10 mins




  1. Pressure cook broken wheat (Dalia) with 1 cup of water for 3 whistles.
  2. After it cools blend it in a mixer.
  3. Add Banana/Apple (any fruit of your choice) puree for sweetness.
  4. Add the almond powder and serve (Optional: For allergic risk; consult doctor)

Alternatively, the broken wheat (Dalia) can be dry roasted till it emits a nutty fragrance and then powdered. It can be cooked in water for 10 minutes, stir well and then add the almond powder.

Quick tips:

  • Natural sweeteners like Apple or Banana increase the nutritive value and also enhance the taste.
  • Dry Fruits powder can also be added to increase the nutritive value.

You can as well choose to customize above recipe with our variety of Organic Cereals to prepare interesting Rice Cereal Porridge, Ragi Porridge or Sooji Porridge or any other organic Cereal.


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