Organic Wheat Suji (Wheat Semolina)

Organic Wheat Suji is a type of semolina that is used in Indian cooking to make a delicious sweet porridge. Semolina is made up of purified, coarse wheat middlings from durum wheat that's used in the making of foods such as pasta and couscous. Organic Wheat Suji can also be used to prepare upma and dosa. It has a lower glycemic index that most types of rice and also delivers in texture and taste. Organic Wheat Suji complements vegan and vegetarian lifestyles as a Certified USDA Organic, non-GMO and vegan product.

  • Primarily made up of carbohydrates, organic Wheat Suji packs an energy punch and provides a rich source of fuel for an active lifestyle. One serving of organic Wheat Suji contains about 5.3 grams of protein, which nourishes muscles and skin. Organic What Suji also boosts intake of several B-complex vitamins, especially thiamin and folate, which support the body's metabolism and convert food into useable energy.

    The two-pound package of organic Wheat Suji should be stored in a cool, dry place that's away from direct sunlight.

    Organic Wheat Suji is a Certified USDA Organic product. Certified USDA Organic products are grown and produced using methods that preserve the environment while avoiding synthetic materials such as antibiotics and pesticides. Products that meet these standards are produced by organic farmers and food processors that preserve natural resources and biodiversity, only use approved materials, do not used genetically modified ingredients (GMOs), receive annual inspections and separate organic food from non-organic food. Certified USDA Organic products contain no artificial preservatives, colors or flavors. Organic Wheat Suji is a GMO-free food, meaning no specific changes were introduced into its DNA via genetic engineering. Organic Wheat Suji is also a vegan food, which means that it excludes all forms of animal products including meat, eggs, dairy, poultry, seafood and honey.It's recommended to store this product in a dry, cool place and away from sunlight.

  • Nutrient Unit Value per 100 g 1 tsp = 3.0g
    Energy kcal 238 7.14
    Protein g 6.4 0.19
    Total lipid (fat) g 4.3 0.13
    Carbohydrate, by difference g 43.4 1.30
    Fiber, total dietary g 9.6 0.29
    Sugars, total g 23.96 0.72
    Calcium, Ca mg 202 6.06
    Iron, Fe mg 2.45 0.07
    Sodium, Na mg 9036 271.11
    Vitamin C, total ascorbic acid mg 17 0.50
    Vitamin A, RAE ^g 491 14.72
    Cholesterol mg 0 0

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