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Garam is the Indian word for warm. This blend of spices from the colder climates of Northern Indian adds a sense of warmth to the mouth. Masala is the Hindi word for spice. Like other regional spice blends there are many variations. Recipes for masalas vary according to regions, as well as individual cooks, who often concoct a new masala for each dish as needed. This rich, slightly sweet blend will save you that step and still deliver authentic Indian flavor. This delectable blend consisting of a special mix of spices is a sort of final touch that can give any food an Indian flavour.


  • An all-purpose, spicy warm (but not hot) Indian seasoning, Organic Garam Masala is a traditional ingredient in Indian tandoori, samosas, kormas, and dahl.

    Indian cooks use it primarily to flavor meat and poultry, and they most often add it just before serving rather than during cooking.

    You will not come across a “fixed” recipe for garam masala in India, the variations are as numerous as the diverse population when you move from North to South and East to West. Every state, every village, every household has their own traditional recipe for garam masala handed to them from generation to generation.

    Its ingredients are a special mixture of common spices that together give a subtle and unique (while being non-spicy and only mildly hot) flavour to foods. Its ingredients are a special mixture of common spices that together give a subtle and unique (while being non-spicy and only mildly hot) flavour to foods. Garam masala is one of the „must have‟ elements in a typical Indian kitchen.

  • Name of the component g/mg per 100 g
    Total Calories 0.0
    Calories from Fat 0.0
    Total Carbohydrates 0.0
    Dietary Fiber 0.0
    Proteins 0.0
    Total Fat 0.0
    Transfat 0.0
    Saturated Fat 0.0
    Cholesterol 0.0
    Sugars 0.0
    Vitamin A 0.0
    Vitamin C 0.0
    Sodium 0.0
    Calcium 0.0
    Iron 0.0
    Ash 0.0
    • Fights disease and builds immunity.
    • Effective pain killer.
    • Slows-down aging process.
    • Promotes weight loss.
    • Increases ability to absorb vitamins, minerals, and proteins.
    • Relieves gas, heart burn, and soothes upset stomach.
    • Lowers blood-sugar levels.
    • Reduces bloating and aids in detoxification.
    • Fights bad breath.
  • Why Organic Garam Masala?
    • All ingredients originate from organic farms.
    • Pesticide free.
    • Free of fumigants used during storage.
    • Non-toxic.
    • Free of synthetic reagents.
    • Free of preservatives.
    • Free of impurities.
    • Good for health.
    • Eco-friendly.
    • Add to soups and stews.
    • Use as a rub for poultry or meat before roasting, broiling, or grilling, or sprinkle on before serving.
    • Combine with cooked lentils to make a simple dahl.
    • Blend with a little water to make a thick paste. Serve to the side of meat, fish, or poultry, for dipping.
    • Blend with softened butter and serve over cooked green beans, parsnips, potatoes, carrots or squash.
    • Add to sour cream or yogurt for a dip or baked potato topping.
    • Use to season onion-based meat and poultry sauces.
    • Add to pilaf and other grain dishes.
    • Whip up a simple, cooling Indian raita by combining sliced cucumber with plain yogurt seasoned with Garam Masala. Serve with spicy dishes. (You can substitute other vegetables, or even fruits like mangos or bananas, for the cucumbers.)

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