Organic Moth Dal Mogar (Dew Gram Split Dehusked) - 2Lb

Organic Moth Dal makes a healthy food, by virtue of its low fat & cholesterol, high dietary fiber and high protein contents. All these properties of this pulse make it an excellent heart healthy food choice for you with established health benefits. It is mostly cooked dry with spices, coconut and fresh cilantro/coriander leaves. They can also be enjoyed as a thick puree to be eaten with rice, chapatti, puri, paratha, roti, bread and pav. They are reasonably nutritious, a good addition to the vegetarian diet, and many people enjoy the nuttiness of moth beans in foods like risotto, couscous, and soups.


  • Organic Moth dal commonly called “Matki” in India. They are also known as Moath, dew beans, papillons, muths, mot beans, mat beans, Turkish grams, and mat grams. Moth beans are cultivated throughout Southeast Asia and the Middle East. The small pods are sun dried, de-shelled and split to derive dal. Organic Moth dal is popular for its nutty flavor and strong earthy smell.

  • Name of the component g/mg per 100 g
    Total Calories 340.0
    Calories from Fat 20.0
    Total Carbohydrates 62.0 g
    Dietary Fiber 5.0 g
    Proteins 24.0 g
    Total Fat 1.0 g
    Transfat 0.0 g
    Saturated Fat 0.0 g
    Cholesterol 0.0 g
    Sugars 0.0 g
    Vitamin A 2.0 mg
    Vitamin C 7.0 mg
    Calcium 15.0 mg
    Iron 60.0 mg
    Sodium 30.0 mg
    • Organic Moth Dal is low in saturated fat.
    • Does not contain cholesterol, consumption is good for your cardiovascular health.
    • Being very low in sodium content, daily intake aids in normalising your blood pressure.
    • Organic Moth dal is free of sugars, can be consumed by diabetic as well as those prone for diabetes.
    • High in iron supplements your body with required quantities of Iron.
    • Optimal amount of dietary fibre present in dal helps in maintenance of healthy colon. This is also beneficial in preventing diabetes and blood sugar riding immediately after your meal.
    • Rich source of calcium is good for your bone health.
    • Good source of proteins specially folic acid.
  • Organic Moth Dal Mogar is grown well in compliance with nature.
    • Processed from organically grown pods.
    • Processed by sun drying.
    • Pesticide free.
    • Free of fumigants used during storage.
    • Non-toxic.
    • Free of synthetic reagents.
    • Free of preservatives.
    • Free of impurities.
    • Good for health.
    • Eco-friendly.

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