About Vedica Organics

Health is at the heart of everything we do

Welcome to Vedica Organics! This is where you will find a spectrum of organic alternatives for all the food you enjoy eating, nourished with the hardwork of real organic farmers in the enriched soils of India. We source all our foods from the organic farms directly and deliver at your doorstep, through online orders. Our foods are natural and healthy, and are known to bring holistic wellness in every aspect of life.

Our USDA certified organic product range is handpicked to nurture you:

  • Fine AromaticRice: From old favourites like Basmati to luscious Biryani Pulav
  • Stone-milled Fine Flour: From whole wheat to multigrain& gluten-free flours
  • Classic Indian Pulses: Like Channa Dal, Urad Dal & Chickpea Kabuli
  • Delectable Chutneys: Apple Walnut Chutney & Apricot Ginger Chutney
  • Ready-to-eat Indian Classics: Like Punjabi Rajma, Sambhar &Kadhi
  • Scrumptious Spices: From classics like Cumin & Turmeric to specialty blends
  • Rejuvenating Teas: Green & Black varieties

Partners in goodness

Vedica Organics has partnered with TruTrade, a not-for-profit social enterprise that works for the financial independence of the farmers, to bring you healthy and safe organic foods. TruTrade promotes organic and sustainable farming practices amongst small and marginal farmers across its network of over 13,000 farmers located in the states of Karnataka, Kerala, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan.

It supports and empowers the farmers in India at multiple levels. The learning begins on a zero-pesticide soil with a free-on-field and classroom based training on the ways of organic farming. Experts educate these farmers on management services to make the most out of their farms with special attention to reducing reliance on chemical and agribusiness corporations. The farmers are trained to be independent by consciously producing very common and vital on-farm inputs like compost, jeevamrutha, panchagavya, liquid manure for micro-nutrients among others. The TruTrade team hand-holds the farmers during the elaborate certification process to simplify their life even further.

Once the certified produce is ready, the next step is finding a suitable market. TruTrade guides the farmers in reaching out to newer markets to get the best value for their products. On the other hand, conscious buyers get uncompromised organic products, without any hormones or pesticides, at an affordable price due to farm to fork sales and delivery model.

Our Story

The seeds of Vedica Organics were sown way back in India by our founder Mohan Shah. Hailing from a family in textile business, Mr. Shah was always deeply in touch with the lives of handloom weavers and farmers across Kolkata, Bihar and other regions of eastern India, which sensitized him to their challenges and humble lifestyle. Relocating to the US, he milked his trysts with Indian farmers and merged his love for food to create a way to carry the rich and rooted stories of Indian farms to the world. Thus, Vedica Organics was born and along with it, a new chance at life for Indian farmers.

Good health at a great price

With a name inspired by the sacred and timeless Vedic traditions of India, we celebrate the organic and additive-free farming methods prevalent for hundreds of years. Thanks to our association with TruTrade, we are able to better retain the healthy qualities of traditional Indian food and farming practices. It helps us deliver high quality, all-natural and contaminant-free food to you, whilst offering financial independence to organics farmers. Transparency in pricing enables us to offer you good food at a great price.

What is Organic?

“Organic” food is cultivated on contaminant-free soil with reduced pesticide exposure to ensure better nourishment and health, so you get its purest form.

Only good comes out of good

Each of the products from Vedica Organics is USDA Certified and GMO-free which means all produce is grown on rich and fertile countryside soil using certified seeds.

These standards require strict quality management practices to be followed across the value chain – from farmlands to packaging, ensuring completely uncontaminated and unadulterated produce. At any point in time, all our products can be traced back to the farmer’s field using an elaborate IT-based traceability management tool.

Moreover, TruTrade’s organic produce adheres and exceeds the organic standards as laid by the National Programme for Organic Products (NPOP) of the Agriculture & Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA), Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India.

Organic farming preserves bio-diversity and maintains an all-natural eco-system by crop rotation, farm waste recycling, retaining fence rows, wetlands and other natural areas. The produce is carefully tended to and harvested at the absolute peak of freshness by responsible farmers, who consciously take it upon themselves to contribute to a healthier and more real world. It takes unbending dedication from them, over a period of time, before their harvest yields profit. Together, these factors lend organic food that robust bite, delectable taste and unique from-the-field flavour.

Why Vedica Organics?

Vedica Organics believes in being transparent in every sense of the term. Be it the certification or sourcing, we ensure that the consumers know everything about what’s on their plate.

  • Certifications: Each of our products is USDA Certified and GMO-free.
  • Conscious partnerships: We have partnered with TruTrade to offer contaminant-free food, at affordable prices to buyers spread across the world.
  • Quality: We follow stringent quality management practices from farmlands to packaging for a healthy, nutritious serving.
  • Sourcing: All our products are sourced from farms that follow organic farming practices that are free from any kind of chemicals contaminants.
  • Convenience: We deliver these health-packed products to your doorstep, thoughtfully packaged to retain their nutritional value and flavours.

A healthier future

Conversion to organic farming has encouraged many Indian farmers to cultivate traditional varieties of crops, as opposed to commercially promoted modified varieties. For us, it’s a great way to acknowledge and appreciate their commitment to goodness. And it is at the heart of our quest to become a truly sustainable business, where we have a positive effect on the world around us. 

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