Our Mission

The burst of flavor, the lingering sweetness of a mouthful, the fullness of a sumptuous bite – Vedica Organics believes that Nature has the power to awaken, satisfy and energise. We respect nature and its wonderful products as a vibrant source of life, and our core mission is to bring you back to nature.

Our mission is to revive the power of Nature in your life

We believe there is only one way to nurture and care for our bodies, nature’s way. We are committed to bring you purest flavors through fresh, nourishing Indian foods. Each food brings in wholesomeness to enrich the body’s temple in various ways. Organic foods contain essential vitamins, minerals and more to support us in a healthy and natural manner, without the use of synthetics.
Moreover, our unique recipes and products have travelled across generations, capturing the essence of delicious and original Indian cuisine. All this, while preserving its vitality by using natural, organic ingredients grown traditionally, on pure Indian soil not treated with obscure chemicals.

We aspire to create a fulfilling and healthy experience

At Vedica, your journey to the complete Indian organic food experience begins with our structured online store: inspired by the free flow of Nature. It contains a comprehensive range of products, ingredients and spices certified by USDA. You are intuitively guided to find, select and purchase what you like. Cooking guides, recipe books and detailed information about products, add value to your buy, and are a good future reference as well.
Once purchased, expect only the finest quality to reach your doorstep. We source the freshest and most organic ingredients – that capture perfect flavors. So that your food can be wholesome, natural and delicious, and help nurture the well being of you and your family.

We exist to discover better ways of sustenance

Our quest to look after the body temple grows outward and encompasses taking care of the earth outside of us. So whilst we make pure organic food available to you, we strive to protect this beautiful planet and people who depend on it. We constantly seek out best production practices to grow, and to benefit growers. We ensure that buying organic food directly impacts local farmers, family businesses and buying non-genetically modified products in a positive way; and ensures that we support more sustainable agricultural methods, in India and around the globe.

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