Organic Cardamom Black Whole

Whole Black Cardamom has the aroma of camphor and is used to enhance other spices it is paired with. A stimulant for the taste buds, its smoky taste adds flavor to biryani and slow simmered meat curries.


  • Due to the pleasant aromatic aroma and the presence of volatile oil in the seeds, Whole Black Cardamom is used for flavoring various vegetables and meat preparations in India. By virtue of the traditional process of drying over an open flame, the spice acquires a strong smoky flavor.. Black Cardamom is used as a primary component in the ubiquitous Indian five-spice blend garam masala along with coriander seeds, black pepper, cloves and cinnamon. After crushing between your fingers, Black Cardamom may be used to enhance and intensify the taste of other ingredients. It stimulates the taste buds when used in rice and savory dal or meat preparations.

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