Organic Mustard Yellow

It was the condiment and not the plant, which was originally called mustard. The condiment got its name because it was made by grinding the seeds of what was once called the senvy plant into a paste and mixing it with must (an unfermented wine). Mustard is one of the oldest spices and one of the most widely used. Rich in proteins, carbohydrates, minerals and fibre essential to keep you fit. The health benefits from Organic Yellow Mustard seed are also substantially greater. Not only is it a much stronger laxative, but initial studies have indicated that there is a possible link between one of the primary components of the black mustard seed and the inhibiting of cancerous cells. It adds piquancy to Sauerkraut and is sometimes used in marinades. In India, whole seeds are fried in ghee until the seed pops, producing a milder nutty flavour that is useful as a garnish or seasoning for other Indian dishes.


  • Mustard seeds are one of the oldest herbs known and have been used since earliest recorded history. It is well known for it's medicinal use for internal and external applications.

    Mustard comes from the same family as the broccoli, cabbage, radish and cauliflower, the Brassicaceae family. It's interesting to know that the typical hot, pungent taste that comes from mustard only occurs when it comes into contact with liquids, hence why it has little to no aroma when they are whole or crushed. Yellow mustard can provide some protein, fiber and vitamins -- such as vitamin C and many of the B-complex vitamins. It is particularly rich in several minerals that are important for good health.

    They are great to use when pickling. It is common in Southern India to fry mustard seeds, curry leaves and cummin seeds in oil and then add these spices onto your dish! Never add mustard seeds directly to vinegar or hot water as it will turn bitter, always add cold water first.

    The Chinese were using mustard thousands of years ago and the ancient Greeks considered it an everyday spice. The first medical mention of it is in the Hippocratic writings, where it was used for general muscular relief.

    Organic Yellow Mustard seed is used in pickling spice and in spice mixtures for cooking meats and seafood. Powdered mustard acts as an emulsifier in the preparation of mayonnaise and salad dressings. Powdered mustard is also useful for flavouring barbecue sauces, baked beans, many meat dishes, deviled eggs, beets and succotash.

  • Nutrient Avg. contents g/mg per 100 g
    Total Calories 187.0 Kilocals
    Calories from Fat 84.0
    Calories from Proteins 9.0
    Total Carbohydrates 13.3 g
    Dietary Fiber 8.0 g
    Proteins 11.0 g
    Total Fat 10.0 g
    Transfat 0.0 g
    Saturated Fat 1.0 g
    Cholesterol 0.0 g
    Sugars 2.0 g
    Sodium 2826.0 mg
    Vitamin A 4.0 mg
    Vitamin C 6.0 mg
    Vitamin E 0.9 mg
    Vitamin K 4.9 µg
    Vitamin B6 0.2 mg
    Thiamin 0.9 mg
    Riboflavin 0.1 mg
    Niacin 1.3 mg
    Folate 17.4 µg
    Omega-3 Fatty acids 1215.0 mg
    Omega-6 Fatty acids 1133.0 mg
    Iron 21.0 mg
    Calcium 144.0 mg
    Magnesium 122.0 mg
    Phosphorous 264.0 mg
    Potassium 384.0 mg
    Sodium 2826.0 mg
    Zinc 1.6 mg
    Copper 0.2 mg
    Manganese 1.0 mg
    Selenium 81.9 µg
    • Organic Yellow Mustard has high potassium which is important for normal functioning of your muscles.
    • Organic Yellow Mustard has high phosphorous, the mineral that contributes primarily to the development of strong teeth and bones, is found in every single cell of the body. It contributes to the body's usage of protein, carbohydrates and fats, to kidney and heart function, and to the processing of the B-complex vitamins.
    • Good source of calcium that builds your teeth and bones. It also contributes to normal muscle and nerve function.
    • Your system needs magnesium for such purposes as processing and using energy in the form of ATP molecules which is supplemented by regular intake of Organic Yellow Mustard.
    • Apart from making the food more palatable, they boost the body’s metabolic rate and give feelings of fullness, thereby keeping your weight under control.
    • Mustard seeds are a source of curcumin, a compound having anti-inflammatory properties, essential for reducing the risk of cancer, especially breast, colon, and prostate.
    • Being great sources of power and bioenergy, mustard seeds boost the immune system and fight against anaemia. They also help treat medical conditions, such as anxiety, psychological disorders, effects of stress and depression, bronchitis, sexual dysfunctions and symptoms of its intake contributes to your digestive health and a steady heartbeat, and to allow the muscles to contract properly.menopause.
  • Organic Mustard Yellow is grown well in compliance with nature in South Indian states of Kerala and Karnataka.
    • Processed from pods harvested from organic farms.
    • Processed by sun drying.
    • Pesticide free.
    • Free of fumigants used during storage.
    • Non-toxic.
    • Free of synthetic reagents.
    • No colouring agents.
    • Free of preservatives.
    • Free of impurities.
    • Good for health.
    • Eco-friendly.

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